Ropes & nature mainly … sonetimes nature without ropes … scroll down to view them all … and comment if you like 🙂


Summer ropes with threes


a different view …

another way of connecting to natue  … revealing asspects one might not consider when just passing by … une création artististique éphémère … Licht und Schattenspiele mit natürlichen Zutaten 😉   … naja Handy ob das Handy natürlich ist dazu gibt es in der heuotgen Zeit wohl schon verschiedene Ansichten …

maybe an invitation to you to explore nature differently, to make a halt an discover the beauty in an uncommeon view / focus

making off :  summer 2016 durign a gathering of free spirits “um Bierg”

did I allready mention I am passionate about ropes ? 😉  I like photography too

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different views … immersion in spring time ….


Tying with rocks



a tribute to “Terres rouges”

making off : summer 2016  …  the rocks honored my new japense rope

if the images talked to you, let me know here:

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