webs of different kinds

“Slow Death” by ShadoWhispers

video clip of a gothic metal group featuring my ropes,

clip produced by MGLStudioProductions, edited & directed by George Letellier
apr-mai 2017

“la plume noire …” voyage de Karie


dec 2014

Karie : Dans mon cœur tu as gardé le surnom de shamane, il te vas si bien, la guérisseuse qui fait voyager pour retrouver la paix.


spiderweb with Mantis


pic and ropes by me, post-tr. by Mantis in the web


More & What Mantis says : click here


mar 2017



3 D web with Dummy



rope webs … 3 D creations … another reality more tangible than virtual reality



dummy as always a very patient ropes training-partner … and it reminds me souvenirs of a very creative making of … a complete new adventure for me … ropes with a  ___ (top secret) for a project that will be unveiled when  the final result is published 😉 …


feb 2017



if the images talked to you, let me know here:

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