a mask offered by a dear friend, seen by LeLabyrinthe

Creative adventures

Connecting via ropes

Exploring different views

if you dare

take a step further on the journey

let the pictures talk to you

if they resonated with you

drop me a line

for co-creating an artistic project

or a journey in ropes



I am looking for open-minded free spirits sharing my visions of ropes,

ropes-partners with whom to explore further the multiverse ( for me it’s more complex than just a uni-verse) of ropes on a regular basis

“wanderers” – “travellers” who wish to go on a journey in the ropes who have the courage to face their own vulnerability and strength to discover what they will see in the mirror

creative projects in which my ropes might contribute or co-creations

About : creativity with ropes

what’s where ? …… well just have a look around šŸ˜‰





seen by Thierry2011



Elvira in my ropes seen by MaeveRegan post-tr. by Elvira




I couldn’t resist that mask … in 2012 … seen by LaVita  post-tr. by me

if the images talked to you, let me know here:

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